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Press Release:   July, 2014

Contact: Nick Valentino

The Georgia Golf Trail on National Spotlight Fighting Cancer

We are very pleased to announce that Georgia Golf & Travel has teamed up with A. J. Ali, a national TV HOST and writer, to be a part of his Wellness 101- 50 State Challenge to bring more awareness to the golf industry to help fight cancer here in the USA.

In order to make this happen A. J. is playing golf in all 50 States starting last month through this fall. A. J. is also blogging about his travels as you can see below in this link

A. J. though our relationship over the last few years, wanted to make his Georgia stop on The Georgia Golf Trail so he could help us promote the trail with his national campaign. A. J. got to visit and play Callaway Gardens two weeks ago and loved everything about it. If you read his blog that went out on different blog sites and the Golf Now one that is the link above, thousands of people will see A. J.'s blog, so we want to thank Callaway Gardens for letting AJ stay with them and showing him around their wonderful facility. A. J. is a big supporter of what we are building and will continue to help us promote us in many ways.

The Georgia Golf Trail will continue to help A. J. and his Wellness 101 program to help fight Cancer as this is the first charity GGT has gotten behind but it wont be the last.

For more information about A. J. Ali, you can see more below

A. J. Ali (Our main site -- being renovated, please pardon the mess) (stories from my journey) (my 50-state travel schedule and ways you can get involved)


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