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Press Release : April 8, 2015

Georgia Golf Trail to be on 40 Georgia Radio Stations
during Masters Week

Georgia News Network and The Georgia Golf Trail are partnering up this week during Masters to run Founder Doug Hollandsworth's interview recorded last week at the Capitol during Georgia Golf Day at the Capitol.

John Clark, the host of the Georgia News Network, caught up with Doug last week during The Georgia Golf Trail's big day at the Capitol and asked him some questions about what was going on with the Trail.

You can hear the interview if you click on the link below. The interview will run a few times this week in over 40 Georgia Radio Stations. Hundreds of thousands of people will be listening during this week with all the 40 stations.

Georgia News Network is a partner with Clear Channel Broadcasting and have been a major partner with Georgia Golf & Travel since they started in 2013.

♫ Listen: GA_Spotlight Golf Trail 1 (mp3)

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John Clark - Affiliate Relations Director - Georgia News Network
1819 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 700 - Atlanta, GA 30309