January 25, 2013

The Press Release

Georgia Golf & Travel Launches at the PGA Show, Orlando Fla.

Georgia Golf & Travel announced their new programs at the PGA Show last week in Orlando, Florida. Media from all over the world received information about the future plans of Georgia Golf & Travel and the upcoming Georgia Golf Trail.

The PGA Show is held each year in January in Orlando and golf pros, golf companies, media all gather for a few days to see what new things are turning up in the golf industry.

Those Weekend Golf GuysFounder, Doug Hollandsworth, was interviewed by Those Weekend Golf Guys, a nationally syndicated golf weekend radiobroadcast based out of Kentucky, while at the show. “We talked about what we are planning with the launch of Georgia Golf & Travel and The Georgia Golf Trail. Georgia has so many great golf resorts we plan on telling the world why Georgia is a top premier golf destination.”  Click to hear audo.

Doug went on to say, “Not many people know that they can play golf in Georgia in the mountains or by the sea. Most people know about The Masters tournment that comes around once a year in Augusta, but they don’t know about all the other great things to do in Georgia. Georgia is home to many, beautiful golf courses, spectacular restaurants, and wonderful site seeing adventrues like Savannah and many other Georgia cities. Our goal at Georgia Golf & Travel is to change all that.”

The staff of Georgia Golf & Travel met with other media as well as golf companies; everyone received information about what the Georgia Golf & Travel plans for 2013 and beyond. “We were overwhelmed with all the attention we were getting at the show, I really didn’t expect to be stopped and just asked about what Georgia Golf & Travel was all about from people I didn’t even know” said Doug.

The mission of the Georgia Golf & Travel program is to increase travel and visitor expenditures throughout all of Georgia and market the state as one of the leading golf destinations in the world. Georgia Golf & Travel will achieve this goal by increasing awareness and generating inquiries about Georgia’s destination travel opportunities and encouraging the expansion of Georgia’s golf travel capability. Georgia Golf & Travel marketing programs will focus on drawing additional golfers to courses across Georgia and at the same time, drive additional expenditures on accommodations, food service, and activities within the state.

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