January 13, 2013

Georgia Golf & Travel LLC launches effort to brand awareness of Georgia as a premier golf destination.

The Press Release:

Georgia has a long and rich association with the game of golf.  A new effort by Georgia Golf & Travel will build on that rich heritage to market Georgia as one of the world’s leading golf destinations.

The mission of the Georgia Golf & Travel programs is to increase travel and visitor expenditures throughout all of Georgia and market the state as one of the leading golf destinations in the world. Georgia Golf & Travel will achieve this goal by increasing awareness and generating inquiries about Georgia’s destination travel opportunities and encouraging the expansion of Georgia’s golf travel capability.  Georgia Golf & Travel marketing programs will focus on drawing additional golfers to courses across Georgia and at the same time, drive additional expenditures on accommodations, food service, and activities within the state.

“The new programs that Georgia Golf & Travel is preparing will create much higher brand awareness of Georgia as a premier golf vacation destination. Home to some of the most challenging and picturesque courses in the world, Georgia also offers courses that are family-friendly, affordable and approachable. These new programs will enable us to share these great experiences with golfers across the country and around the world” said Kevin Langston, Deputy Commissioner for Tourism for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Doug Hollandsworth, Founder and CEO of Georgia Golf & Travel LLC., says, “Georgia is one of the leading states for golf anywhere in the country and we feel it is time for the state to be marketed in a way that people not only here in the USA but also around the world will see it for its natural beauty and the many wonderful golf courses that we have to offer.  We will be launching in early 2013 some new and exciting programs that will be in place over the next few years that show Georgia in a new light, as one of the leading golf destinations in the world. Georgia has so much to offer golfers, travelers, and companies, not only with our great golf courses and resorts, but also our wonderful cities, hotels, restaurants, and activities across our state, which will be included in our Georgia Golf & Travel programs.”

Doug who is a native of Georgia, currently also owns GolfLife Marketing, an International Hospitality and Media Company, as well as The JDH GROUP a PR Firm. Doug has owned his companies as well as been a part of the media here in Georgia and across the United States for over 25 years.


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